Decorating Classes

At Créme Bakery, we offer two kinds of decorating options....

Decorating Parties are a planned private event. Decorating Parties include 4 mini cupcakes, one decorating theme, drinks, and a detailed 30 minute lesson from Sarah Ashley. Members are able to bring in pizza to enjoy.
Party Duration: 2 hours
Minimum Decorators: 6

Decorating Days are a Créme planned day opened to the public for decorators to get a quick decorating lesson at a scheeduled time. Decorating Days includes 2 mini cupcakes, 1 piping tip, 1 piping bag, frosting, decorating supplies, juice box, and a theme decorating lesson by Sarah Ashley! 
Party Duration: 30 minutes
Minimum Decorator: 1

*All decorating events much be accompanied by an adult

Upcoming Events 

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